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Mahadev resides in the particle of the Somnath temple

Somnath has a separate place in the Hindu religion. Somnath temple gets first place in 12 Jyotirlingas. Not only this, it is said, Mahadev does not allow any devotees to return empty on this rate.


somnath temple

It is seen from a distance that is seen from far away that the Lord has been praising Lord Somnath for thousands of years, which is the power of Shiva, his fame is realized. The peak of the temple, touching the sky, proclaims the glory of Goddess Devi, where Mahadev welfare of the devotees in their grand form.

According to a mythological tradition, Jyotirlinga established in Somnath temple is the first Rudra Jyotirling found in Dwashash Jyotirlinga, where every purification of those who offer their mind to God is fulfilled. In the morning, devotees begin to look for Somnath’s eyes for the dry lip of hope. There is an unwavering belief in every devotee who comes here that now all his followers will end. Someone comes for the atoning of their sins, then, with the vow of a long life of his sweetheart, Somnath worships Lord Shiva, then someone brings his mahinaal to God’s court with the hope that God will bring him long and Can get the blessing of a healthy life. Thousands of devotees visit the country beyond the boundaries of the world.

First of all, devotees are blessed with God’s beloved vehicle Nandi, who see it as if Nandi is leading every devotee of God. There is a feeling of being inside a temple in a different world, on which side also there appears to be some form of God’s miracle. No devotee wants to sing the opportunity to become a witness to the beautiful kind of God.

On the head, the most panchamrit bath is performed by the Gods of Lord Dev, holding the Moon. After bathing, his grand and supernatural makeup Shivaling is honored by the moon, and then the ballet is presented. The devotees who are immersed in Shiva’s devotion remain on seeing this spectral form of their adoration. They start to realize that this life has been blessed. After worshiping Lord Somnath, the priests of the temple adore every kind of God, which is a good fortune to see. In the end, the ocean’s Aarti is cast, which arises early in the morning and anointing the feet of God with its waves, but do not forget to devote the devotees of Lord God to Nand Ji to recommend their gifts to God, because the devotees believe That is, to his admiration, his every Gohar Nandee ji.

The architectural work is done on the temple of the Somnath temple, and the walls of the temple is an excellent example of Shiva devotion. The history of the Somnath temple tells that many invasions have been broken at temples from time to time. The temple has attacked a total of 17 times and every time the temple was repaired, but no impact of any period was found on the temple. It is said that even during the creation of the universe, this Shivaling was present in Rigveda, its importance has been proclaimed. According to religious texts, the moon had worshiped Shiva here to get rid of the curse, hence the name of this temple was named after Moon or Somn Som.

According to Shiv Purana, there were 27 daughters of King Dakshak in the ancient times, who were married to King Daksha, but Chandra gave only one Rohini for 27 wives. Daksh tried to explain to son-in-law a lot, but when he did not listen to the skillful, he cursed the moon to become a decay patient, and Chandrabhau’s radiance began to get foggy. Being disturbed, the moon reached Brahmadev. Brahma told him that he could liberate only Mahadev from leprosy, but for this, he would have to worship Lord Shiva after bathing in the ocean of Agarbhaar at the mouth of Saraswati.

To be healthy, the moon performed austerity, through which Mahadev freed him from the curse. Shiv bhakta Chandra built a golden temple of Shiva here and in which the Jyotirlinga was established in it, the name of the moon was called Somnath. The moon had returned its origin to this place, so this area was called Prabhas Patan. This pilgrimage is also famous for the Karma of the paternal ancestors. Shraddha in the month of Chaitra, Bhadra, Kartik has been considered as special significance. There is a huge crowd of devotees here in these three months. Apart from this, there are three rivers Deer, Kapila, and Saraswati. This Triveni bath has special significance.



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